Physical Exams and Wellness exams


We provide comprehensive annual Physical and Wellness exams to ensure you are screened for appropriate health conditions for your age group and gender in a timely manner so it is caught early in the course and treated effectively helping reduce risk of long term harm. We address common prevailing health conditions such as HTN, DM, Cholesterol (lipid) disorder, depression, anxiety (High prevalance since COVID 19 pandemic!), obesity and early detection of breast, prostate and colo-rectal cancers.





We provide comprehensive coronary artery disease risk screening by closely monitoting your BP, Cholesterol, Blood sugar and where applicable screening for smoking and family history of coronary artery diseases. We have expanded our focus to detect other significant vascular dieases attributed to these same risk factors by incorporating counseling to our patients regarding smoking cessation and early screening tests (EKG, Cardiac stress testing, Carotid doppler exmaination etc).




Women Wellness


Our team of highly experienced and well qualified providers perform annual Women Wellness exam that includes breast exams and review results of screening mammograms, pelvic exam and PAP test results and DEXA bone density exams for osteoporosis screening.  Your provider will be happy to refer you and monitor treatment for these conditions working in conjuction with other highly qualified healthcare professions as needed in a specifc case.



Our team has many decades of experience looking after special healthcare as well as mental health needs of our elderly patients. We provide both TeleHealth as well as home visits to facilitate timely high quality care for our home bound frail elderly patients. We are fully invested in promoting palliative care, where appropriate, at the request of the patient and / or their legally authorized adult family member, with sole goal of making these patients end of life phase as comfortable and degnified as possible.